What goes into the pricing of Careerbuddyonline services?

Many of our subscribers have been enquiring about the pricing approach for various services offered on Careerbuddyonline. We would like to clarify about Careerbuddyonline services pricing for a better understanding of it. This would enable you to decide on availing the services. Main factors governing the pricing are: Consultant fee based on experience necessary for specific … Read more

Welcome to careerbuddyonline

Welcome to careerbuddyonline ! At careerbuddyonline.com, we strive to connect the dots for career development. Careerbuddyonline.com is an online hosting platform for products and services offered by sellers from diverse domains. We offer the career development services with wholistic learning through counselling, mentoring, coaching, training, workshops and volunteering.  careerbuddyonline / counsellors / mentors will facilitate the … Read more