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Azure Kubernetes (AKS) Application Solution Architect

Location: Pune(we can consider people who are ready to relocate to Pune) Total exp: 8+ Years Key Skills:Azure; Microservices; Linux; Understanding of Application development, Ansible, Terraform.

Job Description

Azure Kubernetes (AKS) Application Solution Architect, who can manage a
large complex Azure environment. Helps team of 15 resources in case of
troubleshooting. Provide best practices, recommendations for improving the
environment in terms of cost, resilience, and availability ad help customers
improve the environment which consists of AKS Kubernetes Infrastructure more
than 45 clusters supporting 200+ large and small application Multiple AKS
clusters, AKS using ACR, Azure DevOps CI-CD pipeline

  • 16+ subscriptions holding 2000 + VM, 1000+ Resource group 100+ Virtual
    Network, 1500+ Network Interface
  • More than 100+ NSG and Firewall rules
  • Ingress/Egress load balancer, Akamai DNS service
  • Prisma security tool and azure firewall integration
  • Daily Billing of approx. 45 to 50 lakhs INR for the above environment
    across 16+ subscriptions

Be a technical champion for customer Experience: At least 8 + years of
experience in Azure cloud Required Skills & Experiences

Cloud Architecture: Develop hybrid cloud reference architecture, Define
target state cloud architecture, Experience with private and public cloud
architectures, pros/cons, and migration considerations, Microservices
architecture, and Hybrid cloud integration architecture.

  • To provide design, engineering, development, planning, and administration
    of Azure Kubernetes AKS clusters for a set of critical business
  • To provide design, engineering, development, planning and administration
    of Azure PaaS and IaaS services through extensive use of automation and
  • Work closely with the application, engineering, security, and operations
    teams to engineer and build Kubernetes and Azure PaaS & IaaS solutions
    within an agile and modern enterprise-grade operating model.
  • Design solutions for Kubernetes based architecture while making sure the
    best practices are followed
  • Ability to capture the entire infrastructure as a code
  • Implement the principles of SRE
  • Design deployment architecture for IaaS / SaaS /PaaS that will address
    our client’s business needs and lead teams that will implement them
    for our clients.
  • Experience with workload migration automation tools
  • Infrastructure provisioning and management (Ansible, Chef, Puppet,
  • Cloud architect certified Azure
  • DevOps and Agile methodologies, processes and tools · Exceptional written
    and verbal communication skills
  • Confidently articulates all aspects of the solution and persuasively
    communicates value to the client.
  • Works individually, within teams, or as a leader, to determine customer
    requirements in complex and ambiguous environments.
  • Self-motivated with strong analytical and presentation skills.
  • Ability to work with geographically dispersed teams and possess
    cross-cultural competence
  • Attention to detail and high-quality deliverables
  • To analyze the training needs of developers, operational teams within our
    client organization
  • Ability to monitor, evaluate and review the quality and effectiveness of
    training, assessment and outcomes of courses delivered
  • Development of operating model for the above environments and
    facilitating handover to business and IT operations teams
  • Integration of and administration of relevant technology, people and
    processes within relevant IT compliance, regulatory and cybersecurity
  • Working with end users’ vendors and clients to produce, develop and
    review cloud and cloud security strategi
Skills Need
Azure Must To have
Azure API Management Good To have
Azure Active Directory Good To have
Azure Data Factory Good To have
CI/CD process Good To have
Kubernetes Must To have
VM Infrastructure Good To have
Soft skills  
Scalability/Value Creation