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CBO is a Job portal which brings Professionals & Employers together. CBO – Careerbuddyonline is an Initiative of ProPMO Services Pvt Ltd.

CBO is different as it uses ProSki algorithm to match Job seekers/ Professionals with Employers in a data based scientific manner.

CBO uses a unique approach to hiring wherein it’s inbuilt ProSki algorithm matches Candidates/Professionals with the correct job openings according to their core skills. It helps deliver Right Candidate for Right Job.

ProSki is our patent pending algorithm which uses different criteria from a user’s data to give a cumulative score to the professional.

  • ProSki (self-assessment) is FREE score to understand for a professional to gauge their value in the Job market.
  • ProSki™ is a Professional score which is calculated amongst all the candidates in their respective field.

ProSki is a 2-step process. It’s FREE!

  1. Job seeker creates his profile on the website and applies for a ProSki score. This profile completion step includes submitting his Personal, Professional credentials along with his core skills.
  2. All data entered by the Individual will give him a ProSki score which is calculated by the data input form the user. ProSki algorithm calculates the ProSki score considering all aspects and gives a Holistic overview to the Candidate.