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Book on career growth

Mantras for Career Success — Get Set Go!

Author: Rajarama Rao Bannengala

Mantras for career success is a book on career development for students & professionals at various job levels. The book attempts to provide insights into multiple aspects that play a crucial role in achieving career progression and success. We live in a complex professional environment where one has to take care of the company’s interest, individual interest and family’s interest & achieve the best of the career milestones. However, majority of professionals don’t have a clue about how to drive on their career path while protecting all those interests. This book aims to support 95% of the working professionals and students, who don’t have a godfather and a favorable professional setup to advance their career. Only a few lucky people get chance to work with the best of managers and get mentored by the right mentors. It has been written more directly to understand the critical success factors and specific nitty-gritty of adopting the best practices. This book goes a long way to help increase the per capita contributions to the nation through better performance, making professionals more employable and increasing the happiness quotient. If professionals become more aware of taking control of their career development and achieve success, then the purpose of the book is served. I attempted to keep the content palatable for readers. I tried to avoid beating around the bush and stated my recommendations, guidance in a more direct fashion and made an honest effort to provide as many takeaways from each of the topics for the readers.