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Overseas opportunities emerging in healthcare sector

Careerbuddyonline is now hearing a lot about the requirement for healthcare professionals globally.

If anyone in health care domain looking for a overseas opportunities, this is the right time as governments have been stepping up efforts to acquire human capital in health care.

Leading the list seems to the nursing staff.

The academic requirements sought are normally GNM / Bsc. Nursing/MSc. Nursing having proficiency in English communication. Normally certifications such as IELT or OET are demanded to ensure that communication never becomes a barrier.

However, we observe that this with some investment for the professionals in the range INR4 to INR8 Lakhs for the application, Visa, Interviews Process, travel and Logistics on arrival at overseas location.

This also comes with opportunity for family members to accompany.
Careerbuddyonline is now looking to facilitate the health care professionals to grab the opportunities to excel in their careers using the overseas demand.
Current immediate opportunities seen are as follows:

Nursing Health Care Professional in Nursing and Healthcare (Overseas) with 1 Years – 10 Years experience for Healthcare at Other.

Skills Needed: Fundamentals of Nursing, Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing, Wound Dressing and Care, Surgery preparation, Paperwork/record-keeping abilities, IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

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