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Latest 2022 tips to get hired fast — How to get a job quickly? Updated 2nd Dec 2022

Emergency is when one loses a job due to downsizing or restructuring at current employer. In such cases one would need to find another job within 3 months, as there would be severance pay for @3 months minimum paid normally.

At times it is an emergency. What do you think is the best way to get the most appropriate job at such times?

In case of non availability of job that could be exact fitment to the candidate profile, one can look for contract opportunities for short term/ freelancing assignment for 3 months to 6 months. This would provide more breather time to look for right job opportunities.
There are many forums such as PMI, Agile Scrum Masters etc. where one can plan to network and seek opportunities.

In case of emergencies, one must look at the bottom line of their requirements to manage their and family life to negotiate for the compensation on short / medium term assignments. Do not become greedy and lose opportunities in the negotiating process.


Interviews are something no one can bypass before getting a job, as interviews are done to shortlist most potential job candidates before rolling the offers. Everyone wants to be selected for their dream jobs. So, how one can quickly manage to get offered for a job of their choice?

What actually goes through in the background?

First let us see how candidates are short listed for jobs and what steps they make candidates go through.
Companies engage their own HR or hire job agencies to find right job candidates from the open market.
Almost all companies do have a referral scheme also for employees to refer their friends and colleagues from previous companies for the open positions.

So, the resume’s are sourced from different sources matching to job criteria and perceived *fitment* to the open position from all aspects – skills, compensation expectations, risk for longevity and so on.

Where should resumes be present?

For someone to get noticed, their resume’s should be available at various job sites and also their professional profiles created on popular forums such a LinkedIn.

Having the resume’s on various job sites and LinkedIn is not enough.

The Resume must be created with all information needed for matching to open job positions.

At the minimum resume’s must be having the core skills, experience summary with keywords properly chosen for various project scenarios and tools/systems utilized along with achievements, domains worked on, customers worked for, academic credentials, what is their career objective and so on.

These are fundamental requirements for anyone to be considered for any job positions.

However, getting shortlisted and selected for a job needs much more insights and demonstration of core values that candidates carry along with alignment to companies culture and business dynamics.

Interviewers subject candidates to go through multiple rounds of interview process to keep narrowing the number of people shortlisted for the job and ultimately select the one who fits the bill and job role expectations.

So, in order to get selected fast one must prove themselves as right fit for the job to interviewers.

Any job would require multiple skills complimentary to each other and also a budget for the compensation. So, those who have all must to have skills, most of good to have skills and some nice to have skills become right choice for the job. Compensation is something that job candidates can easily decide if they have everything else is taken care off.

Best way for increasing the possibility of shortlisting and selection can be to apply for only those jobs where candidates can genuinely be seen as good fit. For that, it is important to read the job descriptions and critically review their own skills verses what the job is asking for. So, candidates shortlist the jobs before companies can shortlist them!

Incase candidates don’t find enough jobs matching to their skill sets, they should seriously introspect and look at those dream jobs and the job selection criteria/skills needed. Plan for upskilling program keeping the target dream jobs as goals to achieve. Candidates must acquire the skills NOT the certificates. Certificates are only for considering them as job candidates but shortlisting requires demonstration of skills applied to real projects or at least confidence of applying the skills if opportunities are made available.

So, learn the concepts (theoretical), do hands on application to mock scenarios covering the exact skills and be able to contextualize to the job scenario are some of the steps to be taken while acquiring the new job skills.
Companies do look for proficiency with certain soft skills such as ability learn on the fly, attitude, being able to work in a team, written and verbal communication skills specially if it is a customer facing job or involving dealing with many stakeholders. So, if candidates are weak in communications or collaboration skills, must bridge the gaps through soft skills training.

Getting shortlisted quickly is not going to happen by simply apply for jobs and attending interviews stereotype manner. Candidates must be willing to invest time and effort for upskilling and shortlisting right jobs from their perspective.

Candidates now a days find innovative ways to bag a premium or niche jobs. They enact themselves into the job role and narrate a story involving the job role to convince the interviewer on why they are the best match. Typically strategic, creatives design, architect, business development kind of roles can adopt this methodology.
In software development roles, candidates having proficiency with skills can solve problems posed through hackathon kind of setup.
If you say you have the knowledge and skills for the job, you are shortlisted.
If you can demonstrate skills hands on you are most likely to be hired.
If you have demonstrated the skills on jobs similar to the job position and you have testimonials/recommendations, you are in final shortlist.
If your ECTC can be matched, along with the previous demonstrated skills confirmed during interview process, you are hired!

So, there is no short cut to get hired quickly but a honest planning and implementation to land on a dream job!!

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