Empowering Careers, Transforming Lives

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  • We recommend ‘Job Assist Buddy’ for students in their final year / semester, who are would be professionals. Job Assist Buddy will help:
    – Address the concerns of parents and students in finding the right industry and job
    – Understand about starting career journey
    – Know right career path
    – Land with right job in right industry
    – Save the precious time and start their career journey sooner

    10.002,999.00 Exclusive of GST @18%
    Plan : 10 Minutes - Silver - Gold - Platinum - Silver to Gold - Silver to Platinum - Gold to Platinum
  • Startup Buddy

    0 out of 5

    The Startup buddy will guide the budding entrepreneurs in their journey towards success.

    Here are the takeaways from this service:

    1. Develop business plan with short, medium and long-term view for the strategy.
    2. Elaborate the project/program/portfolio management plans
    3. Envisioning / planning for development of product and services offerings
    4. Prepare Balanced Score Card for operations
    5. Guidance on IT and Infrastructure
    6. Marketing strategy guidance
    7. Support for availing legal and investor services
    8. Identify right tools and techniques
    9. Selecting appropriate eco-systems for collaborating partnership


    You might have to buy multiple 1 hour packages, however you can keep buying those incrementally as per the requirements.

    50.002,799.00 Exclusive of GST @18%