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Benefits of career development initiatives by employers

Both employees and employers get benefit from the process of organizational driven career development. Several unanticipated and undesirable changes happening, as well as their effects, may alter the overall business outlook. Both employees and employers must be prepared to adapt to the changing business environment and respond accordingly in such a situation.

Individual professionals must continually improve their skills and capabilities to meet current expectations, while businesses must be prepared with employees who can effectively handle pressure and avoid falling prey to the shifting business requirements.

Employees are important stakeholders in the business as without people business can’t deliver value to their customers and convert plans into actions and hence in the long term interest of the business, engaging employees on career development is an imperative.

Importance of career development:

It attracts better talent: When there are career growth opportunities and that too with the help of the organization, that attracts best of the talent from market. This golden opportunity of learning and growing within the company, helps the potential candidates to choose wisely for their career moves. More talents joining the company contribute to better and efficient functioning which further results in gaining desired results.

Establishing the career development programMaking career paths visibility and associated learning paths would be like walking the talk, as employees keep validating for the actions anticipated from employers. Adoption of right employees engagement systems for institutionalizing the learning and development strategy would increase the efficiency of the overall end to end process. 

Every employees can be assessed based on the entire set of job skills spanning across technical, soft skills, leadership/strategic and scalability capabilities. 

At careerbuddyonline we recommend following learning and development cycle for every career level aligned to career path.

Learning and Development methods:

Upskilling don’t have to be with typical classroom kind of sessions. Focus needs to on skilling not merely theory understanding. depending upon the status of skills and level of tailoring needed, the delivery of upskilling can go through a very systematic steps involving Counseling for the learning and development needs, mentoring on the right approach/adoption of skills, coaching on existing skills for finetuning/adoption to specific business scenarios/solutions, Class room training to acquire new skills, workshop to get hands on with new skills, self learning through reading of books/e-learnings.

Higher productivity: The trainings for career development delivered in the organization contributes to the up-skilling of each employee in terms of their personality, tech or non-tech skills, and more. When the employees are proficient on job skills, they can contribute more efficiently and  offer better solutions for achieving the desired objective of the company. This extra value from each employee is the result of career development awareness within the company, leading to higher productivity than ever before.

Employee work satisfaction: More the organization in profit because of the capable employees, the more it has to give back to employees in terms of compensation, rewards and exclusive benefits. The work satisfaction for any employee is based on how the employee feels about the workload, work life balancing and the monetary benefits received. The assigned task at the workplace seems fun or challenging, as the employees show passion and show interest on their learning and individual growth.

Inter personal Communications: Good communication contributes to forming better relations at the workplace. Being able to communicate between employees within the professional environment can make a good influence on their images and personal standing. This is the reason that good communication is also considered as one of the most important out of all personality development skills. Healthy communication between employees in an organization can lead to gain optimized results in accordance with the desired goals.

Healthy work environment: Better communication and good relations amongst colleagues help to build a dedicated work environment for everybody. For the successful functioning of any organization, there is a necessity of generating a workplace where one doesn’t feel pressured and is confident enough to contribute their ideas while working passionately to meet goals. This liberty, positive aura, and acceptance at the workplace contribute to a healthy environment.

All these aspects give a great validation to the fact that career development helps employees to work upon themselves to accelerate their growth resulting in a healthy work environment for every level of authorization within the company, be it staff or manager or CEO. A healthier work environment leads to higher productivity of each employee, giving growth opportunities to everybody resulting in the success of the firm.

As a result, understanding the value of career development for an individual is not only necessary for organizational success but also for employees personal development and career growth objectives.

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