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Benefits of career development initiatives by employers

Both employees and employers get benefit from the process of organizational driven career development. Several unanticipated and undesirable changes happening, as well as their effects, may alter the overall business outlook. Both employees and employers must be prepared to adapt to the changing business environment and respond accordingly in such a situation. Individual professionals must … Read more

Conducting job interviews effectively

  Job interview is the first step towards hiring and retaining good employees/Human Capital. If you can ask the right and relevant questions, you’re more likely to select a candidate who’s right for the job. Without good interviewing, you may end up extending an offer to someone who may not be a right fit for … Read more

ProSki™ Score – Path breaking innovation for professionals

The problem we are solving in HR Recruitment: Currently, the Return on Hiring (ROH) across industry remains very low, as companies employ manual methods to judge a job candidate’s suitability for a job. Companies employ tests/assessments on few subject matters v/s the capabilities of candidates in entirety. The entire ecosystem, including job portals, resourcing agencies, … Read more