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What is in careerbuddyonline for Professionals?

How careerbuddyonline is bringing in paradigm shift to the way jobs are found?

With our innovative ProSki™ score, employers can understand the current standing of the candidates among other job candidates from the industry. ProSki™ would help in determining the exact skill gaps and fitment of the professionals for the open job positions from employers. ProSki™ score helps in findig appropriate job positions matching to the skill sets, rank against job positions, serves as deciding factor for job levels and remunerations. We strive to reduce uncertainity with respect to employability,  gaining visibility of right job opportunities and facilitate un biased decisions based on factual information available for the job candidates.

How Professionals can leverage careerbuddyonline® for achieving career goals?

careerbuddyonline® platform for careers and career management designed to support professionals to know your current status quo of skill levels and benchmark against industry. You can make right investment decisions for subscribing to career development options to bridge the skill gaps. We can avail all services through tailored intuitive dashboard.

About Professional assessment and mock interview services

You can subscribe to professional assessment and mock interview services for increasing chances of shorting and selections by employers. You can also subscribe to host of careerbuddyonline® career managent features from our ecosystem partners. The assessment ratings can be used to decide on subscribing right career development services offered through our ecommerce portal.

About Job board services

You will have a dashboard tailored based on you profile to know the current relevant job opening and apply.  The dashboard shall also be streamed with relevant career development services and events.

Job fairs for the subscribers (future)

careerbuddyonline® will conduct job fairs for subscribers, bringing together the employers and professionals seeking job opportunities.

Career development services

careerbuddyonline® offers career development services such as counselling, mentoring, coaching, trainings and workshops, books and various certification programs at special rates for subscribers.

There are host of services for supporting career goals and personal branding, available for free or at nominal membership charges.

Our promise!

  • Careers and career management under one roof!
  • Optimized work-life balancing!

We propose to partner with professionals for career and career management success through careerbuddyonline® platform. We are inviting you to be part of our family of professionals and uncover your full career potential!


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