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What goes into the pricing of Careerbuddyonline services?

Many of our subscribers have been enquiring about the pricing approach for various services offered on Careerbuddyonline. We would like to clarify about Careerbuddyonline services pricing for a better understanding of it. This would enable you to decide on availing the services.

Main factors governing the pricing are:
  • Consultant fee based on experience necessary for specific services. As the experience needed for the services increases, prices also increase
  • Around 30% time of planned session duration goes into preparation of the session. e.g. For 1 hour of consulting session, ~20 minutes goes in the preparation
  • Cost of handouts, tests. e.g. Online assessments
  • Expenses for conferencing (for virtual sessions), meetings etc
  • Travel and logistics (for in-person sessions)

The value of the service needs to be judged based on the result that you will achieve with the adoption of learning from the services.

Major benefits our customers have seen with our services are:
  • Awareness of self and being able to decide what’s right career path
  • Received guidance on how to prepare for next job level
  • Resolve a situation at work
  • Understand what’s going wrong with current assignments and course corrections
  • Better work-life balancing
  • Ready to face job interviews


When you match the actual fees paid to the value of service received, you will always see the value of service far higher than the prices.  In case someone can not afford the Careerbuddyonline services pricing, we do have consideration for them. We can review applications for concessions submitted with the form, ‘Apply for Concessions.’

At, we are highly committed to deliver value to our customers and keep the pricing very affordable!

Please write to for any feedback on Careerbuddyonline services pricing structure and also feedback on our services.

Thank you for considering us for your career development services,


Rajarama Rao Bannengala


Founder and CEO 

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